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VIDEA d.o.o.

Podskrajnik 33, SI-1380 Cerknica
telefon +386 1 709 11 22
+386 1 709 12 13
Boris Zabukovec

Pick & pack is a trademark that, through VIDEA d.o.o. and 2P TRGOVINA d.o.o., takes care of the
distribution of products for protection and packaging in various industrial segments.
We are distinguished for the high quality of service, fast response, precision … as a result of the
exceptional knowledge of the appropriate protection materials, such as EPE foils, bubble foils,
finished products of the mentioned materials; bonding stretch foils, adhesive tapes plain and
printed; and in particular, a close partnership with the producers, i.e. producers of the mentioned
materials, thereby knowing the technologies and its advantages.